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Come to Me, All You Who Are Weary and Burdened, and I Will Give You Rest

Dreaming on Daisies - Miralee Ferrell

Sometimes love and healing spring up from the most unlikely of places.

At age 23, Leah Carlson has experienced more than her share of heartache. After her mother's death nine years earlier, her father spiraled into alcoholism and her brother fled. Since then, Leah has worked herself to the bone to maintain the family’s ranch and to keep her desolation and fear of abandonment from bubbling over, but her situation is quickly coming to a head, and she must face the truth or risk drowning in the aftermath.

Steven Harding, a relative newcomer to Baker City, Oregon, has a good job at the bank and has overseen the reunion of his family. However, his well-hidden issues of bitterness and loss continue to plague him. Uncertain of what his future holds, he returns to his roots by taking a side job at Pape’s ranch. As he struggles to come to terms with his own past, he realizes that he must begin to determine the direction of his future, as well. Is it possible for the Lord to bring healing and renewal after so many years—and, more importantly, are Leah and Steven prepared to receive it?

In this third novel of the “Love Blossoms in Oregon” series, Miralee Ferrell again demonstrates her uncanny ability to interweave historical fiction with contemporary reality. She illuminates issues that are timeless in their ability to impact and bring hope to the lives of those suffering from the pain of addiction, depression, abandonment, and more, all while building characters who are believable and familiar. “Dreaming on Daisies” can be read as a standalone story, but it does bring the trilogy full-circle and allows readers to see the growth of former characters as they combine seamlessly into a communal whole. This series will bless and inspire all adult readers, offering true compassion, understanding, and ultimately triumph to a world in desperate need.