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Hacking 101

Hacker - Ted Dekker

At age 17, Nyah Parks is a brilliant teenager who uses her intelligence and skills to hack into the firewalls of large corporations and earn an income by making them more secure. In an act of desperation linked to a car accident that occurred two years earlier, Nyah hacks into a multi-million-dollar corporation, initiating a cataclysmic chain of events that disrupts everyone in its wake and raises intriguing questions about life and consciousness.

Once again Ted Dekker delivers with a unique and thoroughly thought-provoking novel. Book three in the “Outlaw Chronicles,” “Hacker” pushes deeper and provides a more stunning and startling experience than its predecessors. Dekker adeptly leads readers on a journey of adrenaline and heart that will invoke tears of both sorrow and joy. “Hacker” is a mixture of “The Fault in Our Stars” and the scientific extrapolations of James Rollins, and despite its rather small size, Dekker packs every page with action and intensity. Be prepared to read some pages multiple times to grasp the scientific concepts that are explored, especially early on in the story, but rest assured that the time investment will pay incredible interests!