Forget Me Not (Love Blossoms in Oregon) - Miralee Ferrell


Can a Lost Love be Redeemed?

Seven years ago, Julia McKenzie rejected the man she loved, wanting to experience more of life. Now, at the age of twenty-four, she regrets that decision. What will Seth think of her, when they encounter one another hundreds of miles from home? Will the man she cared for understand the direction her life has taken and love her in spite of her choices?

Pastor Seth Russell has never completely forgotten the girl he once courted. When she shows up in his new home of Baker City, all those feelings return. But why is she sneaking around town late at night? Even more important, will she reject him and break his heart again?

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  Author Bio:
Miralee and her husband Allen have been married almost 40 yrs. They live on 11 acres in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State, where they love to garden, play with their dogs, take walks, and go sailing. Miralee also rides her horse on the wooded trails near their home with her grown daughter who lives nearby. She’s an avid reader and has a large collection of first edition Zane Grey books, which inspired her desire to write fiction set in the Old West. When she started writing fiction Miralee believed that she’d always stay with women’s contemporary, but has since branched out to historical romance. Her first two books were women’s contemporary with Kregel Publications, The Other Daughter, and Finding Jeena.

Miralee served as president of the Portland, Oregon, chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) for four years and currently serves on the board as an advisor, and belongs to several other writing groups. She speaks at women’s groups, libraries, and churches about her writing journey, and has taught a both writers and library conferences.

Her fourth historical romance with Summerside Press in their Love Finds You series, set in Sundance, Wyoming released summer of 2011. Miralee is currently under contract with David C. Cook for a three-book series of historical romance novels, set in Oregon. The first, Blowing on Dandelions, reeased in June 2013, with book two, Wishing on Buttercups, releasing February 1, 2014. Some of her books have a suspense thread as well as romance, and three have a higher degree of action with a decided Old West slant. Her upcoming series will be somewhat of a women’s fiction/historical romance combination, with the emphasis on well-developed characters and plot.

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My review:

Forget Me Not by Miralee Ferrell—5 stars

Seven years ago, Julia McKenzie experienced heartache and made a decision that would set the course of her future. Now, in Baker City, Oregon, she finds herself face-to-face with a man from her past, Seth Russell, who is a local pastor. She never regretted her choice or her singleness of purpose, but now she wonders if things could have been different. However, she never wavers from her clandestine mission of mercy. After all, “If she could make even one person’s life easier, it was worth whatever sacrifice she was called to make.” In spite of her conviction, she retains bitterness over the injustice that she has experienced and that she continues to see in the town and even in Seth’s church. As she struggles to carry out her purpose, she discovers that the beginning of change comes from within one’s own heart.

Despite the brevity of “Forget Me Not,” Miralee Ferrell creates a solid five-star novella that is both concise and far-reaching in its message of forgiveness and love. Characters from both “Blowing on Dandelions” and “Wishing on Buttercups” appear, so although this novella could easily stand alone, for the full effect and for the sake of familiarity, it is best read after one or both preceding novels in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series. Gentle romance combines seamlessly with the struggles of characters and a town coming to terms with their own prejudices and vocations. The author’s note appended to the narrative provides insight into the historical nature of the novella and how it came about, and in so doing demonstrates that the issues contained within the story are just as prominent today as they were in the 1880s, if not more so. The topics of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance resonate strongly with contemporary readers, and the deep discussions within the pages of “Forget Me Not” speak to the heart of Christians and to those seeking faith and guidance, making this an inspiring and informative story that will remain with readers even after they have read the last page.

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.




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