When Lisette Pelletier answers an ad to become a physician in the frontier town of Willow Wood, Idaho, she knows her life will change forever. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the U.S. Marshal whose life she saves on her way to town.

Federal Marshal Grayson Dutton spent his career protecting pioneers, chasing down bandits, settling disputes before they erupted into gunfire, and returning fire when needed. None of it prepared him for dealing with a feisty lady doc who can’t see when she’s in over her head.

When Grayson hears the gang of outlaws that attacked the stagecoach that brought Lisette to Willow Wood have targeted the lady doc, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her. Lisette doesn’t want to give the lawman the reins to her life. She came west to serve the people of Willow Wood, not hide under her bed in fear at the first sign of danger.

She certainly didn’t plan to fall for a long-legged lawman whose kisses make her dream of marriage, babies, and happily-ever-after, all the things that conflict with her call to medicine. Can she find a place in her life and her heart for love? Can Grayson tame the wild filly before she gets both of them killed?


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Teresa Slack loves reading, writing, and falling in love. Creating clean and wholesome western romances where fearless cowboys still sweep independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice for her.


She writes from her home in the beautiful southern Ohio hills, which she shares with her husband and rescue dog and rescue cat. Any errors and typos she blames on the cat randomly running across her keyboard.


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My Review:
Nineteenth-century historical fiction is my favorite, particularly frontier and pioneer stories, but Western tales are growing on me, too. In our modern era that promotes feminism, many of these books feature strong female protagonists, and it is refreshing to hear stories through the filter of faith rather than broadly condemning our brothers and sisters. As women have entered the workforce and continued to fight for equal rights with men, books such as Teresa Slack’s “A Lawman for Lisette” demonstrate how these endeavors may have looked in towns in the West.

“A Lawman for Lisette” immediately reminds me of Dr. Quinn from the eponymous TV series. I used to watch it all the time, and I still do sometimes on the very rare occasion that I watch television. There is an undeniable respect and satisfaction in watching or reading women overcome the odds and do the impossible. Dr. Quinn set up a clinic and battled with the stubborn authority figures who discounted her because of her gender until she had the opportunity to prove her weight in gold, so to speak. Dr. Lisette Pelletier’s story is similar. Determined to prove herself as a medical doctor, she takes a job offer after receiving her first acceptance in a slew of rejection letters because “[r]egardless of how hot, windy, and dusty her new surroundings, she was confident this was where God had directed her.”

Dr. Pelletier has a positive attitude that stems from her faith in God, so that even as she steps into the unknown, without any friends or family at her side, she knows that she is following the path that the Lord has prepared her for her entire life, and that she has the opportunity to enhance and pray over many lives. I appreciate, though, that she is not perfect, and that she is actively learning how to be more patient and gentle with people; because she was always the misfit, she does not relate well to others, especially those her own age. That is something that I can personally relate to. And although romance is not high on my list of favorites, I did enjoy it in this novel. There is plenty of lightheartedness and teasing to combat the more serious issues and the dangers of life in the Wild West. Most of all, though, there is an enduring love borne of faith in the midst of adversity and danger.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Celebrate Lit and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.