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Book:  Valley of Shadows

Author: Candace West

Genre:  Christian Historical Fiction

Release Date: March 17, 2020

Forgiving is far from forgetting.

Lorena Steen gave up on love years ago. After arriving at Valley Creek to visit her daughters, she stumbles first thing into Earl, the husband who abandoned her.

As for Earl, facing Lorena while fighting his own demons tempts him to flee town. How can he rebuild a relationship with his daughters and cynical neighbors when guilt shadows every step?

While the storm brews between them, another storm descends on Valley Creek. Will a ghost town stand in its wake?

But then the townsfolk devise a plan. All they need is a former concert pianist and violinist. A wife and husband estranged.

Can Lorena and Earl set aside their feelings to rescue a community? Even though it sweeps them back through valleys best forgotten? Especially when a forbidden love claims his right to win Lorena’s heart?

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About the Author


Candace West was born in the Mississippi delta to a young minister and his wife. She grew up in small-town Arkansas and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Monticello. When she was twelve years old, she wrote her first story, “Following Prairie River.” In 2018, she published her debut novel Lane Steen. By weaving hope-filled, page-turning stories, Candace shares the Gospel and encourages her readers. She currently lives in her beloved Arkansas with her husband and their son along with two dogs and three cats.






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Why I Wrote Valley of Shadows

Can a villain become a hero? When I ended my debut novel Lane Steen, I knew someday I had to discover if a kidnapper and alcoholic was worth saving. Could that same person save a town after tragedy strikes while wrestling with his own demons?

Earl Steen had a dark valley to cross.

With a destroyed reputation, Earl must prove in Valley of Shadows that God has not wasted His efforts on him. Also, Lorena, his estranged wife, has her own score to settle. How can she when the villain no longer exists?

Nothing tugs at my heart more than lost, unrequited love. My second book focuses on their lost relationship. Earl and Lorena had haunted one another long enough. Could God mend what Earl had shattered?

Sitting down to write, I returned to Valley Creek and uncovered places within Earl’s heart that I never knew existed. Lorena’s struggles became mine as she grappled with understanding and forgiving. The dark places of their past somehow had to merge with the light of a hopeful future.

Getting Earl and Lorena to rediscover their love was a journey fraught with tension, grief, frustration, and hope. Was it worth every rewrite, every long hour staring at my computer screen waiting for my characters’ next move?

You bet!

Author Interview



Is there a particular literary period that you’re drawn to (Regency, Victorian, Romantic, Modernism, etc.)? Why?

Of all genres, I’m drawn to historical the most. Regency and Victorian. While I enjoy reading contemporary romances, I love traveling back in time to places around the world, particularly early American and British places. The events of those times, the customs, the clothes, and the way of life are just a few reasons I’m drawn to them. When it comes to writing, though, I set my stories near the turn of the 20th century. Though it’s still historical, a touch of the modern world emerges.



Describe your book in five words.


My book in five words: A villain becomes a hero.



Which one of your characters speaks most to your heart? Why?

Earl Steen speaks most to my heart, and I certainly didn’t plan it to happen. In book one of my Valley Creek Redemption series, I hated him as much as everyone else in the book. By the end, however, I had discovered something deeper within him. Valley of Shadows is Earl’s second chance.



Do you prefer traditional books, ebooks, or audiobooks?


I prefer traditional books. Holding a book between my hands is the best therapy at the end of a long, exhausting day. My house, however, isn’t big enough to hold all the books I would love to have. For the sake of space, I also have a Kindle. (Yes, I have more books on there that I can read in a year!) Now, I have keeper shelves. Books that have won my heart and soul belong there. The rest are in my Kindle.



If you could live inside a book, which one would it be?

That’s almost impossible to answer! There are so many books I would love to live in. Can I choose one for every day of the week? Just kidding. I’ll pick a series instead. If it were possible, I’d live in the Anne of Green Gables books. Prince Edward Island is on my “someday” list.


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