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Book: Dreaming of the Majors

Author: Dick “Lefty” O’Neal

Genre: SPORTS & RECREATION / Baseball / History

Release Date: April 4, 2014

By all counts, Dick “Lefty” O’Neal didn’t have a chance of playing professional baseball. However, today he holds the distinction of being the only white baseball player to pitch for two teams in the Negro Leagues that flourished throughout the twentieth century. “Dreaming of the Majors” is his account of the dream he nurtured from the age of five to play Major League baseball, the people God brought into his life who shaped the dream, and the amazing and unexpected twists and turns Dick experienced along the journey toward fulfilling the dream.

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About the Author


Lefty is currently an Adjunct Professor in Speech, Motivational Speaker, and MLB Scout. He is also a consultant for a possible movie, “Dreaming of the Majors,” which would be based on Dreaming of the Majors – Living in the Bush. He has two grown children, Amy and Adam. He and his wife Harriett have been married forty-plus years and live in Universal City, Texas.   

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 “I wrote my story in order to pass on to my son and daughter what their father experienced in his walk through life as a Christian. I wanted them to understand that  if you have the right purpose, surrounded by the right people, you can make a difference if you listen to His guidance. Using a sports platform was perfect for me to share that whatever your dream is as you are growing as a ballplayer and a Christian helps you stand as an example for all who dreamed of playing a sport.
I had no idea the book would relate so well to anyone who dreams their dreams,  but more importantly, if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would they realize it was God’s plan to put them where they are. People have found that blooming  where they you are planted is right where God wants you to make a difference.
My story is one of hope, persistence, never give up attitude, and it encourages all of us to pursue our dreams regardless of the obstacles that stand in our path. But to remember that our Heavenly Father’s spirit has always been with us throughout the journey, wherever it takes us”.

My Review


Want to hear a secret? I have never been interested in sports, particularly at any competitive level. I also have zero knowledge of how sports are played or of the jargon used in the sporting world. In the spirit of challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone by signing up to review some books that I normally wouldn’t try, however, I decided to give “Dreaming of the Majors” a go. When I saw the second half of the title (“Living in the Bush”), I honestly thought that it was referring to Australia. Seriously. I was quite confused at first and had to use Google to tell me what a bush league was. With that not-so-auspicious beginning, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into and preparing to be simultaneously bored stiff and clueless. Thankfully, though, I was neither!

Dick O’Neal uses “Dreaming of the Majors—Living in the Bush” to demonstrate how the Lord has worked in his life. Something that I noticed and appreciated right away is how, even though this book is autobiographical, the author does not only talk about himself. In many ways, this is the story of his mentors, colleagues, teammates, coaches, and students just as much as it is his own. I think that this contributes to this not being a dry book, even for someone like me who has no interest in baseball. Let’s be honest: 99% of the time I did not really understand the baseball aspect and its nuances. However, while I’m sure that someone who is interested in the sport would enjoy “Dreaming of the Majors” even more, it is definitely not exclusive for other readers and is still what I consider an overall easy read.

For anyone needing assurance that God has every detail of our lives planned and is orchestrating every moment for our good and His glory, “Dreaming of the Majors” should be on your reading list. It is truly a joy to witness how God guides O’Neal and brings things full-circle, with one event connecting to another years later. Despite not playing in the Major League, O’Neal’s dreams still come true in various ways as he lives in obedience to God’s plans for him despite apparent setbacks. Early on, O’Neal offers sage advice: “If you give your best effort at every level, you’ll be able to hold your head high, and you’ll never have to face those two dreaded words: ‘what ifs.’” I learned that he is the only white man in Negro League Baseball history to play in two professional Negro leagues in two different states, and I realized that he had to be protected because of his skin color. I love his attitude, mirroring that of God, who doesn’t see skin color but rather the state of our hearts and whether we have accepted Jesus or not. The time O’Neal spent in the military also interested me, especially living overseas for a period. Inspirational and motivational, his life story emphasizes humility and the influence that we as Christians have in other peoples’ lives.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through CelebrateLit and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.


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