Always Look Twice - Goddard,  Elizabeth

“She would embrace being a survivor because she could make a difference for the victims.”

It’s funny how sometimes the very thing that we are trying to avoid brings us full circle and we end up coming back to what we tried to leave behind. So begins Elizabeth Goddard’s “Always Look Twice”, which is book two in the Uncommon Justice series but can be read as a standalone. As a suspense fan, I am grateful for authors like Goddard who write within the Christian genre because the darkness of malefaction is equalized and eventually overcome by the light of the Gospel. There is no need to worry about coming across graphic language or details, which goes to show that real life can be depicted in a clean manner while still conveying trauma.

After an auspicious opening chapter, “Always Look Twice” consistently delivers spine-tingling moments mixed with romantic overtures. The two main characters, Harper and Heath, are broken individuals with their own traumatic pasts, and the events of this book thrust them together toward an explosive climax. This is a novel of dichotomies, with enough ongoing tension to keep the reader engaged but not overwhelmed. Old and new, the past and the present collide in a growing entanglement. I appreciated the complex psychology of the characters and the multifaceted aspects of their personalities. They are believable, and the romance unfolds tenderly alongside the healing that Harper and Heath experience. In one noteworthy scene, I figured out the identity of the perpetrator. However, I did not deduce the culprit’s motivations or how the story would end, so I feel that the author succeeded in the plot execution. The thread of redemption echoes quietly, the faith element undergirding the narrative but not overwhelming it. It patiently waits for the characters to embrace it, just as our Savior patiently waits for each of us to come to Him, either for the first time or after a misstep.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All opinions are my own.