Reality TV star Ann Stanway finds herself getting a reality check of her own in this timely novel by award-winning author Miralee Ferrell. Suddenly, Ann’s seemingly picture-perfect life in Hollywood comes to a screeching halt—or did it ever really exist in the first place? Reeling, Ann flees Los Angeles and begins a journey of self-discovery when she unexpectedly winds up in a small Kentucky town. She finds a true friend in Sarah, a kind young Amish woman, and she meets an attractive man, but how much of herself is she willing to share? Can she move beyond the façade of her former life and embrace a simpler life?

With issues germane to today’s high-speed, technologically-driven society, Miralee Ferrell crafts a compelling story about the importance of faith, love, and finding oneself. In a world where everyone seems to be looking for a claim to fame, books like “Runaway Romance” remind us of what is truly important. Endearing characters enhance the plot and emphasize the value of friendship and caring for one another, and the insights into Amish life are intriguing. “Runaway Romance” is a stimulating, inspirational story for all ages, and it is also an UP TV premiere movie set to release in early 2018.