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As a bibliophile, my passion for books coalesces with a love of writing, and writing book reviews allows me to share literature with the world.

My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

My thoughts regarding this book are conflicting. I really wanted to like it, and although I almost gave up on it after the first few chapters, I decided to stick with it. The story itself is ok, but the prolific use of profanity on every single page was a big turn-off for me. I understand that the subject matter paved the way for this, but it was just too overdone; probably a third of the book could have been cut by eliminating the multitudinous swear words. Still, Tallent provides an evocative social commentary on generational abuse with a philosophical bent. The characters are deeply flawed, which allows their humanity to shine through, and while the tale is often bleak and stark, there is a whisper of deliverance that bleeds through.