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For the Love of Literature

As a bibliophile, my passion for books coalesces with a love of writing, and writing book reviews allows me to share literature with the world.

Tobit and the Hoodoo Man by E.S. Kraay

The first half of this story focuses on Tobit, a male slave in the pre-Civil War South, and events that will shape the course of his life. His son, Tobias, takes up the narrative of the book’s second half as Reconstruction begins. With hints of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the 19th-century sentimental novel, “Tobit and the Hoodoo Man” presents an interesting, albeit rather idealistic, tale unique to the genre. The characters are mostly black and white—both literally and figuratively; the heroes are nearly sinless while the villains are blatantly evil, and in many ways it is a moral tale. Although a bit quixotic, this is a very readable story for young adults and older adults alike.