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Mystery Rider

Mystery Rider (Horses and Friends) - Miralee Ferrell

Kate Ferris and her friends Tori and Colt are back in this third installment of the “Horses and Friends” children’s series. Their trio is becoming a foursome as Kate’s former rival, Melissa, starts hanging out with them. Kate, however, isn’t sure that Melissa’s intentions are good, and she remains suspicious; is the Lord softening Melissa’s heart, or does He perhaps have a plan for Kate in mind? To add to the mixed bag of emotions, the kids notice a mysterious hooded person riding a black horse at night near the Ferris’ barn. Who is it, and what is he or she hiding? Mysteries abound!

Reminiscent of a Nancy Drew novel, “Mystery Rider” continues Miralee Ferrell’s “Horses and Friends” series. With a firm but gentle Christian backbone, the books feature characters with real flaws who are believable and with whom the younger generation will easily relate. The “Secrets For Your Diary” section at the end of the story underscores this connection. There is a perfect amount of suspense and conflict sure to keep readers intrigued while learning a little about horsemanship and friendship too.