Not by Sight - Kate Breslin

“For King, For Country, For Freedom.” As a suffragette and staunch supporter of the war effort, Grace Mabry defies social convention in 1917 England, much to her wealthy father’s chagrin. With her fiery spirit and outspoken nature, trouble seems to follow in her wake. Now that World War I is raging, women are leaving their traditional roles inside the home to take jobs vacated by servicemen and to contribute to the war effort. Eager to do her part, Grace signs on with the Women’s Forage Corps, despite her lack of experience with farm work. In so doing, she begins to realize her naiveté about the lower social classes. She also unwittingly comes into contact with Jack Benningham, whose reputation as a rake and conscientious objector to the war is well known among London’s upper crust. What follows is a journey of faith and intrigue as alliances are tested and treachery revealed.

Demonstrating the same phenomenal level of literary artistry and historical detail that characterized her debut novel, “For Such a Time,” Kate Breslin takes readers on a voyage that is both heartfelt and suspenseful. The characters spring to life with relatable flaws and a depth that makes them authentic and memorable, while the lush descriptions of the English countryside paint an almost tangible portrait of rural existence. Allusions to such classics as “The Scarlet Pimpernel” and “The Phantom of the Opera” enhance the storyline without detracting from its originality, and the theme of Christianity woven throughout the narrative expresses gentle faith in action. There is also an author’s note as well as discussion questions appended to the story itself. “Not By Sight” is definitely a novel to be savored!