Moore Field School and the Mystery - Liam Moiser

“Moore Field School and the Mystery” marks the first story in a new series by Liam Moiser. With a target audience of ages 9-12, this sweet, clean novel is suitable for children and tweens. The main protagonist, Samantha, and her best friend Jessica both attend the Moore Field School in Manchester, England, and Samantha often finds herself causing relatively harmless mischief in her escapades about the boarding school. However, things take on a more serious undertone when the girls and some of their new friends become involved in a crime in progress.

A quaint story with a timeless quality about it, “Moore Field School and the Mystery” is interesting enough to attract young readers without being too frightening, and the inclusion of the local English dialect adds a level of charm. It is reminiscent of both the “Boxcar Children” and “Miss Read” series. The only criticism I would offer is that the conversations often seem contrived due to a lack of contractions; most children would say “I’m thinking” rather than “I am thinking,” for instance, and the behavior of some of the adults was uncomfortably unprofessional. Nevertheless, I would recommend this story to young readers, who will doubtless relate to the fun and adventure-loving Samantha and her friends.

I was given a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.