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An Intriguing Fantasy

Sacrifice: The Dream Guild Chronicles - Book Three: The Dream Guild Chronicles - Book Three - David Bruns

“Just remember, your choices are your prison.”

In this third book in the Dream Guild Chronicles, David Bruns again draws us into the fascinating, interplanetary world of the Sindran refugees. This time, Gideon is the primary protagonist. After crash landing on an unknown planet, the Sindran group finds themselves under attack against the native people. As Gideon becomes involved with the indigenous population, both he and his orb come under threat, and he must figure out not only what they want with him, but also distinguish between his enemies and his allies—if he has any at all.

“Sacrifice” marks a continuation of the Dream Guild series, and as such readers will reap the most from the story by reading its two predecessors first. Fantasy and science-fiction readers will not want to miss this series. This third novel diverges somewhat from the others in its heightened complexity and the use of more adult situations. While clean, there are evident circumstances intended for mature audiences, including the overall theme of sacrifice. One of the many intriguing aspects of the book is Bruns’ use of various aboriginal communities and the interplay between them. Tension and suspense keep the storyline moving at a steady pace, right up to the very last page, and the ending promotes a desire for the continuation of the series.