Books such as “13 Minutes” are one of the reasons why I love Goodreads giveaways. They offer reads outside my usual genres, ones that I probably wouldn’t pick up otherwise. For instance, the accurate comparison of “13 Minutes” to “Mean Girls”, with its high school cliques, gossip, and endless drama, would ordinarily be an automatic turn-off. However, the mystery element drew me in, and from the very beginning the story unraveled like a train wreck—compulsively readable even as the plot imploded around the characters. And oh, those characters! There is no easily defined good and bad; the various girls are conniving and manipulative, and the story plays out from multiple viewpoints and with multiple media, including text messages, a journal, and consult notes. Just when it seems that the situation is approaching a resolution, the tale takes another twist, culminating in an explosive ending. Due to the setting and nature of the novel, it does contain profanity, drug use, and sexual situations, but generally in context and not overdone.