Silver Spurs (Horses and Friends) - Miralee Ferrell

In Silver Spurs, book two of the “Horses and Friends” series, Kate Ferris finds herself busy taking care of the horse barn, which her family has opened to boarders. They also plan to host a horse show. This gives her a chance to practice riding with a trainer, but it brings along its share of problems, too. One of the boarders is an unfriendly, spiteful girl from school, and Kate struggles to deal with her while also combatting her own feelings of jealousy. Furthermore, opening the barn proves to be more challenging than she expected, and she has to learn to trust God in the face of obstacles.

This continuation of Kate’s story provides adolescent girls (and older readers as well) with food for thought when tackling their own problems. Kate and the issues that she is faced with are very prevalent to today’s youth, and the story also contains fun and a hint of mystery, making this series well-suited to a wide variety of young readers. The strong thread of Christian faith that hallmarks the books results in an inspirational storyline that gives today’s young women the motivation to follow their dreams with God’s help. Be sure to check out notes by Kate and by the author at the end, too.