Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon - Miralee Ferrell

Schoolteacher Margaret Garvey had her heart broken at the age of sixteen when her beau Nathaniel left town without her. Now, four years later, another tragedy befalls her, followed closely by the arrival of two young runaways in town. In seeking to shelter them, she finds herself in a precarious position, especially when a local man is found murdered. Her situation and her heart become more complicated when Nathaniel returns to town and begins competing with a local logger for her affections. With so many issues arising at once, can she look through the chaos and find God’s peace and plan for her life?

In this sweeping historical novel, Miralee Ferrell creates an exquisite story of love and adventure at the turn of the twentieth century. Craftily manipulating multiple storylines, she gathers them together flawlessly and believably to build an inspirational story that transcends time. With excitement, betrayal, loss, love, and faith, readers of “Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon” will find something for every literary taste, while anticipation for the plot’s resolution will keep the pages turning to the very end.