The Nativity Bride (The 12 Brides of Christmas Book 7) - Miralee Ferrell

Leaving Goldendale, Washington at eighteen to pursue a career in woodworking against his father’s wishes, Curt Warren left behind the young girl he loved. Now, five years later, his relationship with his father has not improved, and his prospects in his hometown seem bleak. He still holds love in his heart for Deborah Summers, but her own situation holds her in Goldendale as much as Curt’s keeps him away. Will their love find a way in the season of miracles, or does God have other plans?

In this short, sweet Christian historical romance novella, Miralee Ferrell crafts a compelling, heartfelt story of young love and its obstacles. This tale transcends the confines of time, creating an ageless narrative full of love’s potential. Although a Christmas-themed story, this novella will warm readers’ hearts at any time of the year.